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about prime lifestyle

Prime Lifestyle was established in April of 2022 to help couples and singles interested in exploring the lifestyle. the lifestyle consists of 3 pillars: swinger, poly & bdsm. our goal is to educate and bring awareness to the Lifestyle in a fun, humorous manner that allows one to express themselves in creative and unique ways. prime lifestyle aims to connect all the resources of the lifestyle as it is not a cookie cutter type of world and one size does not fit all.



Owner & Founder of Prime Lifestyle

Cookie has been a swinger for over 10 years. She has had both good and bad experiences in the Lifestyle. Which is what lead her to begin her dream of what is now called Prime Lifestyle. Some of those experiences could have completely turned her away from the lifestyle, instead they fueled her passion for educating and bringing awareness to the lifestyle. The lifestyle helped her gain confidence in herself and her body. The most important thing she got from the lifestyle though was the ability to grow into and become her truest self. 

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